About Me



Due to the colorful and determined personality of Rita Szilas, the style she represents is easily recognizable. The cheerful, energetic, extravagant and passionate characteristic is reflecting on each of the bags and portray her.

She was born in Budapest, and right after graduation she turned to the fashion industry with starting her study at Rosemary Fashion Institute. She also graduated at law school, but in spite of this orientation she felt that the real fulfillment for her is the fashion and design, so she established her first company Madream with own brand. She is also a stylist and designer on television shows and films, and member of the Hungarian Art Club. Initially she designed clothes, but her main creative area is bags.

The main features of the bags are the sophisticated playfulness as characterized the designer itself. A real woman who is always capable acting like a brave little girl and create wearable reality from her dreams. She is able to form a chameleon as a bag with a style of an innocent child or using an original antic clock for creating a stylish bag, whose owner could be the star of any prominent events. 

About the collections


Rita’s inspiration comes from objects and impulses. She loves to give a completely new functions to ordinary objects and animals. 

Each of Rita’s pieces is characterized by rich colors and forms, designed for both men and women. Her favorite animals manifested in some of the bags with distinctive features, others have special graphic designs, but she also finds solutions how to save antic objects with creating a part of the bags. These items other way would be lost, but they can live on in these bags, gain new meaning. The real specialty of her artworks is that there are no two identical pieces. Anyone who just looks on her collections will already be entertained by the pieces reflecting cheerfulness and humor. The joyful mood of the owners of these design bags is inevitable. 


Rita Szilas in not a fast fashion brand, but promotes a sustainability by designing long lasting, practical and never out of fashion items. 


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